White Labels - Rolls

Designed to index book spines.

LA001  13 x 19mm 920 Labels
LA002  16 x 22mm 640 Labels
LA003  19 x 25mm 490 Labels
LA004  13 x 50mm 295 Labels
LA005  13 x 45mm 320 Labels
LA006  25 x 38mm 215 Labels
LA007  32 x 50mm 130 Labels

White Labels - Sheets

Designed to index book spines.

LA011  13 x 19mm 1092 Labels
LA012  16 x 22mm   810 Labels
LA013  19 x 25mm   630 Labels
LA014  13 x 50mm   400 Labels
LA015  13 x 45mm   460 Labels
LA016  25 x 38mm   336 Labels
LA017  32 x 50mm   210 Labels

Coloured Labels - Rolls

Used for colour coding library books and shelves. Available in red, blue, yellow, green. Pink, gold, purple, silver, black, brown, light blue. Also fluorescent red, orange, green, pink and lime.

LA119  19 x 25mm    200 Labels
LA179  10mm Circle 700 Labels
LA139  13mm Circle 400 Labels
LA159  19mm Circle 250 Labels

Shelf Markers / Browser Sticks

White perspex with animal characters on both sides. 10 per set 320 x 40 x 0.09 mm

SL022 Set A
SL023 Set B
SL024 Set C

Computer Printer Labels

Designed for use with copiers/inkjets and laser printers. 100 Sheets per box. Other sizes available on request. 

LA059 A4 33.9 x 64mm 24up
LA061 A4 35 x 105mm 16up
LA066 A4 46 x 11.1mm 84up
LA072 A4 37 x 70mm 24up No border

Label Protectors - Self-adhesive Clear Polypropylene 50Micron

Other sizes available on request.

LA030Z 50 x 70mm 1000 Labels
LA035Z 50 x 87mm 1000 Labels
LA031Z 50 x 100mm 1000 Labels

Labelling Machines

LM001/G P-Touch D210 Labelling System
LM004/D P-Touch D600  Labelling System USB
LM011 3600 Windows USB, barcodes, keyboard 360dpi 6-36mm Tape
LM012 9600 Windows USB & serial I/F, portable & keyboard 6-36mm Tape

P-touch Label Printer

Fast printing of high quality labels i.e. printing addresses & shipping labels, banners and signage. No paper jams, no ink or toner needed.

LM024 QL-700

P-touch DK Die-cut Labels - Thermal Paper

DK-11201 Standard Address Labels
DK11202  Shipping Labels
DK-11203 File Folder Labels
DK11204  Multi-purpose Labels
DK11207  CD/DVD Labels

P-touch DK Continuous Length Tapes - Thermal Paper/Durable Film

DK22113 Clear Continuous Paper Tape 62mm
DK22210 Continuous Paper Tape 29mm
DK22212 White Continuous Film Tape 62mm
DK22214 Continuous Paper Tape 12mm
DK22606 Yellow continuous Film Tape 62mm

Barcode CCD Scanner

Extremely durable especially when used by learners. Inter-character delay, 100 scans per second.

LM1000 Scanner Cipherlab 1000 CCD Handheld USB

Barcode Laser Scanner

Single line laser scanner which features automatic interface detection, CodeGate® technology and extended depth of field.

LM1003 Scanner Honeywell 1250 Lite USB

Barcode Scanner Cordless

Handheld scanners are much faster than human fingers. Pull the trigger and the work is done instantly: complete series, update inventories, check patient records, and record production line parts and activities.

LM1012 Scanner Cipherlab 1562 Laser Cordless

Barcode Labels - 1000 labels per roll

EAN8, EAN13, CODE39 and CODABAR are just some of the barcodes available. Printed to your specifications and available in various sizes.

LA034A 40 x 24mm
LA038/D 40 x 30mm
LA039D 49 x 25mm
LA038/J 52 x 28mm
LA039A 55 x 24mm
LA037A 55 x 20mm