Office Equipment

Hot Roller Laminators

Uses rolls of laminating film.

PL470 Laminator Hot Roller LR650 635mm A1

Pouch Laminators

Uses Pouches only. Available for A4, A3 and A2 pouches


Ring Binding Machines

Wire and thermal binders available on request. Other sizes available on request.

BM019 Binder Rexel CombBind C340
BM039 Binder Rexel CombBind C200
BM082 Binder Rexel CombBind C210e

Overhead Projectors

Ideal for use in classrooms/libraries /boardrooms.

OP0202 UNO 250
OP0104 Presenter 400
OP0105 Portable 250

OHP Trolleys

For safe conveyance of your overhead projector from office to classroom/library/boardroom.

OP1030 2 Flaps Trolley (Lockable castors)
OP1060 Collapsible Trolley
OP1050 DLP/LCD Trolley

Poster Frames

A quick and easy way to display posters. Includes a non-reflective media cover. Available with plastic or chrome corners from A4 to A0 sizes.

BG3000 A0 Chrome corner 900 x 1250 mm
BG3101 A1 Plastic corner 655 x 900 mm
BG3002 A2 Chrome corner 480 x 655 mm

Projector Screens - Tripod

1:1 Ratio SC0152 1270 x 1270mm
4:3 Ratio SC0173 1760 x 1330mm
16:9 Ratio SC0454 1430 x 800mm

Projector Screens

Pull down PVC wall or ceiling (includes brackets). Electric screens also 1:1 Ratio (ideal for square projections i.e. OHP’s)

SC0269 1830 x 1830mm 4:3 Ratio (ideal for DLP/LCD projectors)
SC0275 2440 x 1850mm 16:9 Ratio (ideal for modern video in cinematic format)
SC0080 3040 x 1760mm

Magnetic Whiteboards

Aluminium frame Available in various sizes and combinations.

T-EM45 450 x 600mm
T-EM99 900 x 900mm
T-EM08 900 x 1500mm
T-EM12 1200 x 3000mm

Combi Boards

Combination felt and whiteboard. Available in various colours.

BD3325 600 x 900mm
BD3041 900 x 1200mm
BD3070 1200 x 2000mm

Executive Boards on Castors

Lockable and non-lockable castors. Revolving/fixed boards. Available in various sizes and combinations.

BD3241 900 x 1200mm Non-magnetic both sides
T-EP92DS 900 x 1200mm Felt both sides
BD4268 1200 x 1800mm Magnetic both sides

Pinning Boards Aluminium frame

Available unframed, in various sizes, colours and fabricsuchasfelt,corkorcarpet.

BD0725 600 x 900mm
T-EP15 1000 x 1500mm
BD0784 1200 x 3000mm

Flipchart Stands

Also available in table top stands.

BD9132 magnetic 640x1000mm
T-4FCG Non-magnetic 650 x 940mm

Wall Charts

Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Health and Libraries are some of the subject material available in A1 fully laminated wall charts.

LIB001 Library Code of Behaviour
LIB002 Library Prefects
LIB003 Library Users Chart
LIB004 Dewey Decimal Classification
LIB005 What is a Book
LIB006 How a Book is Produced
LIB007 Copyright 
LIB008 Reference Books
LIB009 Classroom Library


Available for small home offices or large busy offices.

SH024 Shredder Fellowes Intellishred PS-79Ci
SH102 Shredder Fellowes Powershred PS-67Cs
SH104 Shredder Fellowes Powershred P-40

Book Ends - beige

FL101 Rubber base H200x145x80mm
GD1405 Standard H135mm cork base
GD1407 Quarto H210mm cork base

Alpha Guide Blocks

Varnished solid Pine, in a set of 26. 

FW001 Varnished (set of 26)