Office Stationery

Magazine Filing Boxes

Available in various colours

SG070 A4 Durable moulded slatted plastic 75mm
SG081 A4 Collapsible PVC 70mm

Lever Arch Files - A4

For all your filing needs. Various colours available.

SG271 Board 40 & 70mm Black, red & blue
SG012 PVC 40 & 70mm

Carry Folders PVC A4

Keep your documents secure. Great for colour co-ordinated filing. Available in various colours.

SG164 Carry Folder

Laminating Film

For all makes of roll laminators - available in various widths, microns, core sizes and matt or gloss finish.

PL141 635mmx38ux150m 25core Gloss
PL232 635mmx75ux150m 57core Gloss
PL173B 635mmx75ux100m 25core Gloss

Laminating Pouches

Used to protect library cards, pictures, or any important documents - available in various sizes and thicknesses.

PL019D A7 78x109mm 80micron/Side
PL041 A5 154x216mm 80micron/Side
PL051 A4 216x303mm 80micron/Side
PL061 A3 303x426mm 80micron/Side
PL074 A2 426x600mm 80micron/Side
PL011 Data Card 59x83mm 125micron/Side
PL038 Bus Card 57x95mm 125micron/Side
PL013 Cr/Card 54x86mm 75micron/Side
PL016 Govt 65x95mm 75micron/Side
PL030 Keyring 47x67mm 250micron/Side
PL027 Conference Badge clip & pin 90x57mm
PL031 Metal ID Clips

Paint Marker Pens, Markers & Pens

Write on all your coding tapes i.e. PVC/cloth.

TA092 White/Black Artline 440 XF 1.2mm
TA094 White/Black Artline 440 XF 0.8mm
SG310 Marker Artline
EK70 Black 1.5mm
SG430 Pilot Fineliner Black/Fine

Filing Pockets

Keep all your documents safe. 100 sheets per box.

SG008 Plastic Pockets A4 L/weight 40 Microns


Available in all sizes for all makes of staplers.

ST020D Staples No.23/13mm 1000's
ST020 Staples No.26/6mm 5000's
ST051 Staples Skrebba 23/6mm Steel
ST059 Staples Odyssey 2500's

Binding Covers

Available for ring, wire and thermal binders in various sizes. Available in boxes of 100.

BM010 Clear PVC A4 150micron
BM011 Frosted PVC A4 150micron
BM020 White leatherboard A4

Binding Combs/Elements A4

Available in various colours. Available in boxes of 100.

BM050 06mm binds 25pgs
BM051 08mm binds 45pgs
BM052 10mm binds 65pgs
BM053 12mm binds 95pgs
BM054 14mm binds 125pgs
BM055 16mm binds 145pgs
BM056 19mm binds 180pgs
BM057 22mm binds 210pgs

OHP Transparencies—A4

Suitable for use in all overhead projectors. Available in boxes of 100.

T-1PPC Photo Copier A4 Double Coat
T-1WO Write on 80u A4
T-2CG Inkjet A4 (50’s)
T-4CG Laser A4 (50’s)

OHP Pens

For use on write-on overhead project transparencies. Available in fine, medium and broad.

T-1WP Permanent/Non-permanent
T-2WP Permanent/Non-permanent fine 4 Pack
T-4WP Permanent/Non-permanent fine 8 Pack

Whiteboard Accessories

Available in various thicknesses and colours.

SG308 Marker Whiteboard Maxiflo Set6
BA0201 Cleaning Fluid 250ml

Flipchart Paper

Slotted holes to fit most stands.

BA2101 Newsprint 860x610mm 50 Sheets
BA2102 Bond 860x610mm 50 Sheets
BA2107 Rainbow 860x610mm 20 Sheets


Orange or tortoiseshell handles.

SG243 140mm small
SG056 165mm medium
SG051 210mm large

Tape Dispenser - Universal

Holds 25 & 76mm core tapes up to 24mm width.

TD011 Tape Dispenser Bantex Desk Top


Available in full or half strip for normal or heavy duty use and also long reach for stapling book spines.

ST008 Stapler Rexel Aquarius Full Strip
ST010 Stapler Rexel Giant 100 Heavy Duty
ST044 Skrebba H/Duty 117/120 Long Arm


All makes available. Normal or heavy duty use.

PU009 Bantex 2 Hole 2mm
PU010 H/ Duty 2 Hole 4mm Bantex

Guillotines & Rotary Trimmers

Ideal for home, hobby and office use. Other sizes available on request.

GU018 Guillotine 380PG Professional
GU019 Guillotine 420PG Professional
GU047 Rotary Trimmer A445 Pro 4 in 1

Taping Applicator System—Imported

Convenient for dispensing and applying spine repair tape for spine or page repair on all book sizes.

TD001 C-27 Book repair centre

Book Covering Machine

Quickly and easily apply a special transparent custom-fitted durable and protective covering to your books.

RC-CL01B Colibri Book Covering Machine E- DaVinchi
RC-CL03 Colibri Mini Pocket 250's
RC-CL04 Colibri Standard Pocket 250's
RC-CL05 Colibri Big Pocket 125's